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BjorkThe first artistic appearance of the eccentric icelander comes with the group the Sugarcubes. However, when plunging into her solo career in 1992, she throws into the shade the sextet.
Bjork takes the plunge into the dance and pop culture of The West when beginning to perform with notable names such as: Nellee Hooper, Underworld, and Tricky. She studies classic piano while being at elementary school in Reykjavik. She performs Tina Charles' "I Love to Love" to Iceland's Radio One.
The music test of Bjork focuses on the punk revolution from late 70's. Later, she sets up the post-punk band Exodus . The next year she performs for Jam 80. In 1981 Bjork and Exodus' bassist Jakob Magnusson form Tappi Tikarrass .
By 1990 Bjorks performs jazz with the icelandic band Trio Gudmundar Ingolfssonar. The album Gling-Glo, however, is released in Iceland only. In 1992 Bjork confronts with tension in the band which gives rise to its breakdown. Bjorkthen moves to London. There she starts her solo career. She begins to collaborate with the producer Nellee Hooper, who has behind his back collaborations with: Soul II Soul and Massive Attack.
The first consequence of their cooperation is "Human Behaviour"in 1993, which hits the t?p in UK charts.

By 1994 she enjoys her growing popularity being rewarded with numerous recognitions. Bjork performs a remix of a single from Madonna's Bedtime Stories on MTV Unplugged . The same year she performs "Army of Me " in live - the first single from her upcoming album that is released into circulation in the spring of 1995 gains the critical acclaim of all producers.
An exclusive series of success follows. Her engagements escalate and the tickets to her live performances are sold immediately.

Bjork news

According to the official site of Bjork, the singer is applying the final touches to the content of her latest album which is soon to be released. Her previous hit singles that we've all enjoyed hearing : Meester Fly - The Lake Experience, Palmergroover and The Organ Cries give us the clear idea of the main outlines in the forthcoming launch. It will certainly be enigmatic and abstract.

Wacky pop star BJORK is set to headline the Opening Ceremony at this year's Olympic Games in Athens. The It's Oh So Quiet singer ... Ireland Online, Ireland - Jun 28, 2004
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